Some of the most common jobs we come across around a home are:

Security Lights

Sensors or sensor lights activated on movement at night come in a large range of types whether it’s the standard Twin spot light sensor or just a sensor on its own controlling lights around your property we’ve got you covered.


Changing those existing incandescent or halogen downlights in your home to new LEDs which are more energy efficient, will last longer and require less maintenance in the long run and some will slot straight into the existing hole.
These also come in the standard light colours such as warm white, cool white and daylight.


Is your house wiring in need of replacement? You can usually tell by the type of wire. Older wiring is usually made of either rubber or cloth in steel conduit.
Insurance companies often lower your premiums knowing the electrics of the wiring and switchboard devices are up to date and therefore minimal fire hazard.

Switchboard upgrades

What does your switchboard look like? Is it recessed in the wall behind closed doors?
When the house has been re-wired the switchboard is replaced at the same time, along with the most recent safety devices such as Residual Current Devices (RCDs) to protect your home and ensure it is electrically up to date.
What’s involved:
– Check the Main Earth is intact – if not, upgrade.
– Checking the condition and size of mains.
– Checking the sub circuits condition and size (if old will strongly suggest to upgrade at the same time).
– Turning off the power for a number of hours while new board gets installed.
– Replace the switchboard to a plastic surface/recessed board with new circuit breakers and RCDs.
– Visit from the Inspector before livening.
– Carry out testing.

Adding Circuits

This is very common especially in older houses where socket outlets weren’t required to the extent they are today. Having too many appliances can cause existing circuits to overload and trip the fuse or circuit breaker. Adding new circuits solves this problem.

Renovations and new construction

For renovations we generally come in and disconnect anything that will be in the way of the builder and other trades. Once the framing is complete, we pre-wire cables ready for jib and once the painting is complete we’ll come through and fit off lighting, power and ethernet equipment and devices.
Construction is more or less the same except we don’t disconnect anything. We usually wire up a builder’s temporary power supply for site power.
Foundations ~ Install conduits to garage, gate, lighting etc.
Framing up ~ Pre-wire, install wiring throughout house.
Jib installed ~ Cut out downlights
Painting ~ Fitting off (Installing products and testing)

New build – Prewire

Security Cameras

Home security surveillance is always a great thing to have especially when you’re away and can check up on your home as easily as opening an app on your smart phone.
These have become quite affordable with some of the latest technology allowing recording, playback, night vision and motion detection accessible in easy to navigate apps for ease of use.

Four zone live playback